We are excited to announce that as of Tuesday, 6/1/21, we will be inviting our clients back into the clinic for appointments! Please take a look at the following guidelines before your appointment:

-We will allow clients with appointments to come into the clinic, please limit one person per appointment
-We will continue to provide curbside care for those needing to drop off their pet, pick up food/prescriptions, or who prefer curbside appointments
-Please continue to use Televet Flow or give us a call to let us know you have arrived at the clinic
-We will not require masks for those who have been vaccinated

We have learned much over the past year, and we want to express the following thoughts as we embark on yet another adaptation of how we provide our services:

First, we are grateful for your continued trust following a challenging year! We aim to continue providing plenty of time for thorough communication about your pets’ needs.

We learned over the past year that on average our patients experience less stress with less noise and activity. As such, only clients with appointments will be allowed in the clinic at any given time.

We are happy to continue to provide curbside care to all clients in need of dropping their pet off, picking prescriptions or food up, or if they simply liked curbside care over the last year.

We encourage all of our clients to utilize our phone system and texting system to help make visits more efficient and comfortable. While we do have a doorbell on the front of the clinic that will get our attention, the best way for you to let us know you have arrived is to either call or text us!

Finally, we encourage as few family members as possible to join your pets for their appointments. Again, your pets experience less stress when noise and activity is at a minimum!

We look forward to continuing to serve you and your pets. We thank you for your ongoing trust, and encourage you to call/email/text with any questions you have. Thank you!

About Us

We focus on every single detail when it comes to you and your pet’s experience at Pleasant Paws Veterinary Care.

What sets us apart:

Personalized Care

We want to get to know you and your pet. Veterinary visits can be stressful for the whole family, so we strive to make each visit as comfortable as possible. If Fido needs peanut butter and a belly rub prior to vaccines, we’ll make a note in his chart so that he gets it every time. If you have trouble getting your pet into the vet, please let us know, and we are happy to give you suggestions or schedule a house call to make the process easier for everyone.

Stress-Free Handling


In a perfect world, every pet would be excited to come to the vet. Unfortunately, past experiences can stick with our pets and make routine visits a scary feat. We strive to work with every patient and client to provide a stress-free visit. This could mean anything from prescribing an anti-anxiety medication before their appointment or scheduling multiple quick “treat and attention” visits before their preventative care/grooming appointment. If we cannot get your pet comfortable with their vet visit, we also offer injectable sedation, which can be given at the clinic. A full exam is the most important part of your pet’s yearly care; with sedation, we can perform a thorough check-up on your fluffy friend and get any needed vaccines or blood-work updated without the stress of rough handling.

We’re Paperless

We are staying at the forefront of technology and decreasing our carbon footprint by using a computer-based records system. This system allows you to access your pet’s medical records online and print vaccine certificates whenever you need them. We can also email your invoices, estimates, reminders, and pet report cards if interested. Would you rather get reminders or status updates through text messages? We can do that too. We are here to help and will contact you based on what best fits your lifestyle.

Meet our team!

We’re solely dedicated to your pet’s health.